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Proof of a V-Shaped Recovery Today.

All the propaganda by the Fed and Keynesian pundits about the beginnings of their lauded V-Shaped recovery came to mind today. First, I watched the latest NIA video release covering the bond prices and rise in goods that we all know is happening. Thank God that a box of cereal is about the same price. Ok, so now it's the size of a Cracker Jack box, but the price is still the same. Not that I question Ben Bernanke -- after all acoording to the Fed, currency debasement and inflation has absolutely nothing to do with the falling dollar and rising prices for all US consumers. (The very same consumers that used to make up 70% of the economy.) Anyway, my wife told me that retailers won't raise prices until January, or they risk holiday sales numbers. Hmmmm.... currently she's the bread winner of the family so I won't argue (too much). Here is the NIA video:

I guess what many people want to know is will there really be a V-Shaped recovery? esp. after the latest manipulation. Why yes, I have no clue of the Fed can do tricks with worthless linen, but a small V-shaped recovery came today for those of us Americans who hold real money:

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