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Economic and Monetary Documentaries

# 1 FraudClosure:
On the Foreclosure robo-signing problem and the mortgage credit market. Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) This 33 seconds during testimony sums it all up.

#5 The Coming Commercial Real Estate - Bank Collapse
The pending Commercial Real Estate Collapse and the state of the Economy: 4.5 Minutes of an Interview with Elizabeth Warren as Chairperson of the Congressional Oversight Panel. (On Charlie Rose)

#7  I.O.U.S.A.  "Solutions"


#9 David Degraw - The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III


#10 Corrupt Banks are Too Big to Prosecute  (so they get bonuses)
Alan Greenspan admitting Fraud and Total Lack of Enforcement in the Financial Services Sector. 1 Minute

#15 Bloomberg v. NY FED (12,000,000,000,000+?)
Bloomberg Financial Service v. The NY FEDeral Reserve Bank
PBS - The True Cost of the Bailouts. 

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

#20 The Empty ATM (Argentina Case Study)
PBS "Wide Angle" program documentary on the banking crisis in Argentina.  The documentary shows how the loss in confidence (also see Jim Rickards 2010 1 hour lecture to the Defense Department at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Rethinking Series - e.g.: threshold for dollar collapse discussion).   This documentary shows how the global banks, IMF (economic hit-men), and federal government destroyed Argentinian economy with debt, then closed accounts, and confiscated the population's wealth through direct bank account seizure and inflation of over 40%.   The banks were shut and during the same time the value of the currency was inflated away, literally resulting in some middle-class people starving in the streets.  While the Argentina stock market has rebounded it still today has double digit inflation (over 18% unofficial) and high unemployment (around 10% unofficial).  During the collapse, riots ensued, martial law went into effect and at least 60% of the population were driven into poverty fighting daily for their lives.

Click HERE for the video link to this documentary.

Click HERE for a famous blog post from someone who lived through the collapse in Argentina.

#25 OBAMA (or any President) works for the Banking Elite

#30 The S.B.S.S. (Silver Bullet / Silver Shield) playlist.

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Full Playlist:

#35 Film review: "Inside Job" Government and the Banks - (Ratigan)

William Black / Charles Ferguson (producer of the film Inside Job) discussing the corruption in Congress in collusion with regulators and the banks.

#36 Ludwig Von Mises Review of Inside Job:

Austrian School author Jeffery Tucker's review of the movie Inside Job put it best: 
"The biggest problem was that the narrative never asked where all these paper profits were coming from. The monetary angle eluded them completely. ...So rather than looking carefully at the monetary system that generated all this paper, they filmmakers looked to presidents and their great black beast of “deregulation.”
Inside Job: A Look at the Heart of the Left

#38 Inside Job  (The Movie)

#40 Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari) at the 2008 IRTA Barter Convention -- How the entire global economy is breaking down and how the US government launders money . (1 hour 23 minutes long)

#45 THE IRS Robs Americans for FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and the IMF

X-IRS Agent tells the truth:

One of the original interviews with IRS Special Agent Joe Banister on TAX regulations, interviewed by a young Alex Jones. 15 Min.

#50 CFTC Director's Attempted Derivatives Regulation Subverted by Criminals of Goldman Sachs and the FED

PBS Frontline The Warning: CFTC regulation -- the story of Brooksley Born vs. the Harvard born criminals of Goldman Sachs and Greenspan.

(If video does not play watch on PBS Frontline

#51 CTFC Metals Market Manipulation - Public Meeting:  GATA Bill Murphy gives public testimony regarding whistle blower Andrew McQuire on LBMA manipulation of Silver and Gold by JP Morgan traders.

CFTC (Bart Chilton's) response:

#60 Bank Fraud
William Black Lecture on Bank Fraud and Monetary Legislation in America, Hammer Museum. 90 Minutes Lecture

#70 John Perkins on Globalization

#75 History of Economics and Global Banks
PBS: Commanding Heights - The history of Economics and the epic battle over ideas and globalism.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4