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Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/14/2010

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/14/2010
By Peter LaTona December 14, 2010
At 4PM (CT) the APMEX precious metal prices were:

Gold price - $1,396.40
Silver price - $29.52
Platinum price - $1,708.90
Palladium price - $761.50

COMMENTARY: Precious metal prices settled as the Federal Reserve announcement was basically the same old same old. It begs the question, is this latest gold rally for real? We think prices are poised for another breakout, but you need to be the judge. A BofA Economist thinks there may be even more fed easing…QE3?

Gold spot price was off $1.50 – Silver price down 9 cents and both Platinum and Palladium continued to climb – Platinum up another $10.60- Palladium price up $8.60

Platinum and Palladium bars are great ways to invest in these rising markets.

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