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Jim Rickards at JH APL - The best pitch for silver and gold in history?.

Jim Rickards at Johns Hopkins APL Presentation

Click HERE for Video link:  Economics and National Security - Potentially the most important video you will ever watch before 2011.  Gold : was, is, and will be, the most important money in the world.

Important test:  Which of these is not like the other?

Mr. James G. Rickards is Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, Inc., a technical, professional and scientific consulting firm. He also serves as Principal of Global-I Advisors, LLC, an investment banking firm specializing in the intersection of capital markets and geopolitics. Mr. Rickards is a seasoned counselor, investment banker and risk manager with over thirty years experience in capital markets including portfolio management, risk management, product structure, financing, regulation and operations.

Mr. Rickards is a graduate school visiting lecturer in finance at Northwestern University and the JHU School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He has delivered papers on econophysics at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. His articles on the fields of strategic studies, cognitive diversity, network science and risk management have been published in academic and professional journals. He is an advisor on global finance to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Financial Economics of The Johns Hopkins University. In these capacities he has briefed military, intelligence and national security professionals at conferences convened by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and ODNI.

Since 1976 Mr. Rickards has been a firsthand participant in the formation and growth of globalized capital markets and complex derivative trading strategies. He has held senior executive positions at sell side firms (Citibank and RBS Greenwich Capital Markets) and buy side firms (Long-Term Capital Management and Caxton Associates) as well as technology firms (OptiMark and Omnis). Throughout his career Mr. Rickards has been a direct participant in many significant financial events including the LTCM hedge fund collapse of 1998 in which he was the principal negotiator of the government-sponsored rescue. He was involved in the formation and successful launch of several hedge funds and fund-of-funds. His advisory clients have included private investment funds, investment banks, law firms, and government directorates. Since 2001, Mr. Rickards has applied his financial expertise to a variety of tasks for the benefit of the US national security community and the Department of Defense.

Mr. Rickards holds an LL.M. (Taxation) from the New York University School of Law; a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School; an M.A. in international economics from the JHU/SAIS, and a B.A. degree with honors from The Johns Hopkins University.

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