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Zombie Hunting - shooting holes in your budget? How about Vampire Hunting?

Metal prices are on the move.  Hunting outfitter and shooting supplier, Cabela's has announced that ammunition prices will be increasing -- not based on Nancy Pelosi casting a witch spell, but this time due to base metal spot increases.

PM is on the move once more! While copper an lead will increase the cost for Zombie hunting the real pinch is coming for those hunting vampires.  Blood suckers HSBC and J.P. Morgan are certainly shaking in their "shorts" about now.

If you need silver bullets for vampire hunting prepare to pay even more! How to kill a Vampire.  Better Stock up quickly, with the white metal hitting $31.77 SPOT today :).







Vampire Hunting Kit


Quixoticals: "I assure you the picture above is real. The vampire hunting kit was sold in 1851 at the Great Exhibition in London. Complete in a mahogany box, this kit included a revolver, silver bullets, garlic powder, silver dagger, ivory cross, mirror, Professor Blomberg`s New Vampire Serum, wooden stake, etc. The bullets themselves were manufactured by Nicolas Plomdeur, a gunsmith from Belgium.
At Sotheby's, this kit sold for $12,000. I guess the buyer had some vampires to slay and wanted to make sure he had the good stuff."

HSBC and J.P. Morgan beware of the silver bullet and LONG (physical) stake!

Disclaimer:  In today's ultra-sensitive over-spooked DHS driven Al CIAda boogeyman environment, where DHS Napalitano would gladly have government jack boots frisking old ladies at Walmart, just as soon tell you, by TV, to spy on you neighbors (comrade), I want to assure anyone reading this post, that I am not endorsing anyone actually being shot or stabbed with a silver stake trough the heart, or burned with a cross or holywater, etc. etc. etc.  The above post is intended to be humorous, so don't raise the Osama Bin Deaden (for 5 years) Fusion Center terror alert color to frankenberry or taz me bro.