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Bix Weir -"I Want To Be Clear On Silver"

Bix sent this message out on Mar 24.

I have had many emails lately about the silver price moves and I just want to make it very clear to everyone where the silver price fits into the Road to Roota Theory. Here are a few issues that are important to understand as we ease into the chaos...

1) Only physical silver in your possession will survive the global fiat monetary meltdown.

2) Using computer trading programs "THEY" can place the COMEX price of silver ANYWHERE they want from $0/oz to $...infinity so count your silver in ounces and not fiat money.

3) If there is another silver price slam (to coincide with a global market crash) there will be no physical silver available for purchase at the lower prices.

4) Those looking for leveraged silver investments must understand that there is massive leverage in real physical silver as the Bad Guys have sold many times more physical silver than exists in the world.

5) The "New CFTC" is designed around a "post crash" market regulation regiment and will not be the CAUSE of the silver chaos so keep this in mind as they extend and delay any hard position limits that may cause havoc in the silver markets.

6) The end of silver price manipulation will mean the end of all un-backed fiat monetary systems as control of silver and gold is 100% required for an un-backed currency system to exist.

7) An investment in real physical silver can "Change Your Stars" in a way you had never dreamed possible...and you deserve to be rewarded!

All the best to everyone.

Bix Weir