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Cramer pitches Gold Stocks, should we sell now? No, just BTFD.

CNBC Cramer is pitching Gold again, expect an immediate pull back to around 1420, then BTFD. ;)

This CNBC VIDEO (see URL link) is worth a view if your can hold down lunch and take watching Cramer stroke himself for 5 minutes.

Hit or miss stock pumper Jim Cramer pumps gold and gold stocks (including mainstream GoldCorp: GG and the SPDR Gold Trust ETF: GLD mostly paper fund) and then walks his typically mindless fans through a half decent couple of charts, supporting a premise for 1550 gold spot.

The last few moments of the clip shows Jim steering one of his call-in "booo-ya" zipperhead groupies away from SLW (Silver Wheaton) and off to Gold Corp (is he selling his book again?). Cramer pitched Gold Corp saying that they do both Silver and Gold "two, two, two miners in one, and that's where I want you to be in". Snort! Nothing against GG, however clueless Cramer does not know SLW from the iShares ETF: SLV (paper silver).

Silver Wheaton is NOT an exploration or silver/gold mining company, but instead is a unique "streaming company" that has options with numerous producing mines to take dory and high quality ore to refine it into deliverable metal. Therefore SLW does not have the capital requirements, operating costs, or risks associated with a typical mining operation and as long as they get their feedstock and the price of silver remains above 20's they are doing quite well. Oh, and Jim ("two that's right, two, two miners in one"), SLW's current streaming forecast includes plans for 28,000 ounces of gold along with 23 million silver ounces. Booo-ya.

As he always says: "Listen to Cramer" -- then just belly laugh.

Joke: How can you tell if it's Jim Cramer on the side of road with a flat tire? Ans: He would be the one swapping the tires to see which one is flat.

VIDEO: Airtime Tues. Mar. 1 2011 - 6:15 PM ET

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I do not currently hold shares of ANY of the above listed stocks, however if you are a stock investor, I highly recommend you consider doing some due diligence on SLW: If you have not read it already, SLW also posted the Silver Institute 2010 Silver Survey up on their site for free: