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Deflationists & Blind Eyes - (Jim Willie) Silver and Gold to be Propelled Higher

Deflationists & Blind Eyes
By: Jim Willie CB,

"In fact, since the emergency G-7 Meeting held two weeks ago, the central banks have joined forces in a Global QE movement that will propel the Gold & Silver price much higher and render deep further damage to the US Dollar."

-- to expose the Deflationist Knuckleheads for their blindness, numerous wrong calls, inability to perceive the monetary inflation effects, and lack of insight of the entire pathogenesis that unfolds... they miss the complexity of high pressure zones (from monetary inflation) colliding with low pressure zones (from falling asset prices)... investment funds are running full speed away from the crippled corrupted USDollar, lifting up commodities of all types, soon to hit end products, and leading to urgent demands for wage hikes... they cannot recognize even the source of hyper-inflation which comes, the printing of money in the $trillions... they are an ignorant eloquent corrosive bunch, a laughing stock... the US is being isolated with its monetary machinery, inducing powerful price inflation

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