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My Thoughts on Inside Job (The Movie) originally watched this film in the theater and thought it would help the Freedom Movement by waking up a few more people.  
Indeed, this is an important film that should help to rile up some average Sheople from their false prosperity trance.  Unfortunately, while the film accurately nails the symptoms of a corrupt financial system, it misses the underlying cause of the disease completely.  The movie Inside Job focused on the corrupt actions of: politicians, university professors, financial organizations, regulators, and rating firms that competed on the Wall Street Monopoly game board with  monopoly money provided by a failed economic monetary system (a system the movie does not discuss).   The people who failed to regulate and those who leveraged the system for their gain and the gain of their cronies is enabled by an unconstitutional  system of autonomous central banks.   The entire time I watched Inside Job I eagerly awaited the  transition in the story line from the symptoms and mechanisms of a failed system to the obvious root cause,  but sadly it never happened.   A key opportunity missed, in a otherwise great documentary    Inside Job rightfully points guilt of the players who gamed the system, but at the same time (by omission) gives the underlying failed fiat monetary systems (and the Central Banks), that enable this type of crisis and corruption, a free pass from scrutiny.  

Ludwig Von Mises Review of Inside Job:

Austrian School author Jeffery Tucker's review of the movie Inside Job put it best: 
"The biggest problem was that the narrative never asked where all these paper profits were coming from. The monetary angle eluded them completely. ...So rather than looking carefully at the monetary system that generated all this paper, they filmmakers looked to presidents and their great black beast of “deregulation.”
Inside Job: A Look at the Heart of the Left

Inside Job  (The Movie)  watch the movie on the on site OPEN CULTURE:

Charlie Rose Interviews Charles Ferguson on his documentary 'Inside Job'