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BIX WEIR - What Bart Chilton really said.

What Bart Chilton REALLY SAID!
Bix Weir
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Often times it is a VERY LONELY ROAD when you travel down the conspiracy side of the gold and silver investment highway. Case in point, as far as I can tell only Ted Butler and I believe that the CFTC is going to stop the manipulation of Silver. From Ted's point of view he sees and hears what CFTC Chairman, Gary Gensler, is saying about the problem and knows that Gensler is 1,000 light years ahead of any past CFTC Chairman. Wait, strike that. Brooksley Born tried to stop the banksters but was destroyed by Clinton, Greenspan, Rubin and Summers...
CFTC: Profiles In Courage
From my standpoint, the CFTC was the enabler for the long term implementation of our return to a Gold Standard. Since the mid 1970's they've run cover for the REQUIRED market rigging operations in order to control the price of commodities in an un-backed fiat monetary system. It was the Nobel Prize winning economic theory "On The Road to The Golden Age" by Bertil Näslundin that has been played out since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. That is the foundation of my...
The Road to Roota Theory
Naslundin's theory has now run it's course and we are no longer benefiting from massive monetary debasement.
If you understand the Road to Roota Theory then it is not hard to understand why the CFTC looks like they may do something to stop the market rigging but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Stopping Gold and Silver manipulation would mean the END of a decades long operation that was required to facilitate an un-backed US Dollar. Once the shackles are released from gold and silver the total and complete destruction of the fiat monetary system would follow. Un-backed fiat currencies have always failed miserably and the only reason this one has lasted for 40 years is the price manipulation of gold and silver.
Without understanding the Road to Roota Theory EVERYTHING in our free markets makes NO SENSE... but when you take this theory into account EVERYTHING BECOMES CRYSTAL CLEAR!
With that in mind let's watch Bart Chilton's latest TV interview from the Road to Roota angle...
Here's my takeaways from this interview:
1) Bart is preparing people to link the massive volatility in commodities to price distortions. This will help lay blame on the market riggers and assist in the implementation of strong Position Limits.
2) The Bad Guys are trying to delay the implementation of the Dodd-Frank rules until after the election. They will not be successful as the Good Guys want monetary debasement front and center in the election debates to ensure that Ron Paul becomes the next President of the United States.
3) There is a potential for the implementation of these rules to make markets "spin out of control". Interesting thought...who is currently "in control" of these markets at the moment and why?! They will spin wildly alright so buckle up.
4) Lot's of volume in commodity trading = lot's of mischief in market rigging. Bart again hints that there has been illegal activity in a commodity that has recently had huge volatility....can you say SILVER?!
5) Right after talking about illegal activity they jump right into a discussion about how easy it is to manipulate the silver market. Bart even lays out the case for 1 trader holding an overly large share of the silver market. What he didn't say is that position is a SHORT POSITION and the trader is JP Morgan!
6) There is going to be further charges being brought besides the small potatoes oil rigging charges that were filed yesterday. We already have the trading data, a motive and a whistle-blower in the case against JP Morgan rigging the silver market. We've been held in "Ready...Set..." for what seems like an eternity. Now we're just waiting for the "GO!"
All-in-all it looks like SOMETHING is about to happen at the CFTC on the silver manipulation front. The June Bank Participation Report should be a smoking gun as to who benefited from the latest silver slam and if you compare that to who started the ball rolling down the hill on May 1st...the red lights and sirens go off.
If you don't believe that the CFTC will ever change I understand where you are coming from.
Will Ted and I be right in the end? Who knows but IF we are right then "THE END" will be one to remember.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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