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Norcini - Silver Shorts Literally Panic, Gold Shorts Now Worried

With silver breaking above the $37 level and gold trading $20 higher, King World News interviewed legendary Jim Sinclair’s chartist Dan Norcini.  Norcini told KWN what we are seeing today is a major breakout in the silver market and panic from the shorts:“Today we are seeing a strong move higher in silver and in gold, but particularly the silver market, which is up over 4%.  Once silver took out $35.50 in a strong push, they ran a huge number of stops to the upside.  There were a lot of shorts covering, Eric, there was literally a panic among the silver shorts.”

FULL Interview HERE

This may mean that the cartel will do everything they can to drive the price down to avoid covering the short position. Prepare for a bumpy ride.

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