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ZH- Gold Sliding On Central Banker Script - First India Cuts Rates, Next Tries To Talk Down Gold

Zero Hedge:

The reason is simple: central planning script 101, page 1. As we noted earlier, the RBI did a very surprising overnight repo rate cut from 8.5% to 8.0%, the first in three years, and in other words it has just joined the global central planning cartel in attempting to stimulate the economy nominally, even as inflationary packets still abound across the land (see China), by reliquidifying. Yet what does that mean from a modern monetarist standpoint: why crush gold as an alterantive to the local paper currency of course. Sure enough:


And there you have it: because the last thing India needs is a surge in gold buying now that it too has joined the global reliquification parade. That said, we are curious in what parallel universe will liquidity easing result in less demand for hard assets. Ask the algos who are selling on nothing but headlines, yet oddly ignoring the fact that India and now Austrialia appear set to enter the race to CTRL-P's bottom.

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