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Silver Weaton and SandStorm Gold business Models look bright for the future - KITCO

In some of the excellent coverage of the Denver Gold Fourm Daniela Cambone conducts some in-depth interviews with speakers and attendees.  two interviews that may be of interest to PM investors that are interested in investment exposure to PM production.  One risk controlled method to invest in production, and well down the supply chain from the more risky Exploration and Development companies - is buying into companies with the "Wheaton'  business model - If you don't understand what I am blabing about, these two interviews are for you.

See these two must-see investor interviews (and many more) by Daniela Cambone of Kitco :

  • After HudBay – Silver Wheaton CEO Speaks 
  • Bullish on Gold, Bearish on Dollar – CEO Sandstorm Gold

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