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Obama vs. Romney (Don't waste your vote or time.)

Obama vs. Romney (Don't waste your vote or time.)

Spend the time and effort to WAKE UP.

"This election is a shining example of the use of a psychological tool utilizing the false two party paradigm -- the false idea of choice within a government so co-opted corrupted and controlled that the people, whom government is supposed to serve, have no say on the REAL issues for the next generation -- ... just a platform for wedge issues to keep small minds occupied while the planet is taken from underneath humanity."

What is agenda 21?


The following resources list from "The Great Water Heist" Youtube video.  (

Links to informative news articles exposing "Sustainable Development", Agenda 21 and the drive for a UN-administered "global green regime" (i.e. socialist world government):

Your Hometown & the United Nations' Agenda 21
Businesses - and their jobs - are fleeing California at breakneck speed because of costly, even abusive, regulations meant to adhere to UN standards. Is your state next?

Eco-Agenda for Planetary Control
The Earth Summit's Agenda 21 and other radical proposals -- supposedly intended to save "Mother Earth" -- will bring untold human suffering and ecological damage.

The UN Attack on Property
Ownership of the fruits of one's labor is essential to liberty. By its efforts to abolish the right to private property, the UN has shown that it cares nothing for individual freedom.

The Real Agenda Behind UN "Sustainability" Unmasked

Despite Setbacks, UN "Sustainability" Agenda Marches on After Rio+20

UN Sustainability Summit Exposed: Big Business, Dictators, and NGOs

Sustainable Freedom: Surging Opposition to Agenda 21

Agenda 21 and the Movement Toward a One-World Govt

Agenda 21 Targets Family Farms

Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory or Threat?

EPA's Plans for Implementing UN's Agenda 21

What are the UN's Agenda 21 and ICLEI?

Agenda 21: The U.N. Plan for Your "Sustainable" Community

Habitat II: The UN Plan For Human Settlements

Sustainable Development: Transforming America

UN's Green Economy May Cost $2.5 Trillion a Year

UN Ready to Lead Environmental World Government

Global Green Regime: The Biodiversity Treaty

Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty!

Hijacking "Spaceship Earth"

Reheating the "Global Warming" Myth

IPCC Researchers Admit Global Warming Fraud

From Rio to Copenhagen: The Earth Summit's Legacy

Socialist International in Copenhagen: "Birth of Global Governance"

Cancun: Global Hysteria, Wealth Redistribution

ECO '92: Launching Pad for International Global Governance

Socializing at Rio: Socialists Run the Earth Summit

Maurice Strong: The Most Dangerous Man In The World

The New World Religion

The UN Is NOT Your Friend
Behind the mask of peace, brotherhood, and universal understanding, the United Nations promotes terror and tyranny in order to achieve its real objective: world government.

Tendrils of Tyranny

UN Attack on World Population

Climate "Experts" Propose Global One-child Policy, Socialism, Taxes, Carbon Rationing

UN Pushes Population Control Agenda

Science, Politics and Death

Environmental Genocide

The Fruits of Eco-Extremism

The High Cost of Cap and Trade

Private Land Lockup

The Road to Eco-Serfdom

The "Re-Wilded" West

Eco-Socialist Shell Game

Losing America's Livelihood

Endangered Property Rights

Federal Water Barons

History of Federal Land Control

High and Dry in the Klamath Basin

Saving Fish Before Firefighters

Eco-feudalism in the Adirondacks

Scorched Earth

Eco-fraud Exposed

People and Predation

Green Fairy Tales

Behind the Environmental Lobby

Environmental Stewardship

Rethinking Green

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