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Past Weeks Performance of Selected Stocks from Portfolio


1. Top winner and looser for shares shown:  SLV (Silver ETF) gained 5%, SWC (Still Water Mining - Platinum and Palladium) lost 2.29% on the week.

2. No sell or buy orders automatically triggered this week. And no positions were added or sold.

3 .Other than the indexes (shown for performance comparison) these shares are some of the stocks in one of the portfolios I currently manage.  The account is restricted to long positions (no shorts are allowed) and options trades (puts or calls) are not allowed.  Protective sell stops are in place for the majority of shares held to limited risk from any one share to 2% of the total portfolio value.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any shares. Contact your financial adviser to discuss any investments before you buy.

If you would like to receive performance updates of this complete example portfolio by email, contact me directly at 440-940-6735.

4. Finally, the LQD position (not metals related) was the victim of a mini "Flash Crash" (HFT) one week ago on Friday Oct. 1 at approx 9:31 AM.  (Luckily?) I did not have a protective sell stop in place at the time, otherwise all shares would have sold at 3% stop loss.  The stock price rebounded within a second for about a 1% loss. I contacted my broker by email, but they were no help as to how I should protect positions in the future:

We understand your concerns and can understand how some situations that arise when trading can make trading more difficult. We also know that regulation to protect investors is of the utmost importance. We have forwarded your concerns on to our Senior Management as feedback.

LQD Chart showing the HFT (High Frequency Trading) attack (note massive VOLUME increase) during the flash crash. (WTF = What's This Friend?):

Zero Hedge posted some analysis of the LQD event at the bottom of Tyler's post HERE and HERE.  These HFT flash crashes are happening every week targeting different company shares.  This is nothing short of ECONOMIC TERRORISM and the SEC are toothless (to be polite) to stop it.    Perhaps this is just one more valid reason to buy physical silver and gold and stay out of the POMO'd, corrupted, and manipulated stock markets. It really is becoming totally insane.

Update:  60 Minutes broadcast this story regarding HFT.


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