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New Feature on US Debt Clock - Budget Estimates Compared 2016

The popular "real-time" debt clock webpage at has been updated with a new feature page comparing the 2016 budget estimates from the four following sources:

In addition to comparing the debt totals for each of the four budget estimates "on this day in 2016", the new feature include a breakdown of the 2016 running totals for revenues, outlays, and GDP.

To see the US Debt Clock budget comparison feature, select the option called "Budget Showdown" in the upper right hand corner of the Debt Clock website homepage or go directly to the budget comparison webpage HERE.

 Global precious metal holdings can be viewed by selecting the "Gold/Precious Metals" feature tab on the bottom right of the Debt Clock interface or by going directly to the webpage HERE.  The metals tracking feature shows estimated global  production and holdings by national central banks/governments. The World Gold Council publishes the "Latest World Official Gold Reserves" report which can be downloaded by registering on their website for free, and the PDF report is available at no cost HERE.


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