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American Precious Metals Exchange extends their MintDirect Program to US Mint Silver and Gold Eagles

The American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), one of only eight US,  and 13 global, authorized direct U.S. Mint distributors, announced today that they are extending their "MintDirect" program to include Silver and Gold Eagles from the U.S. Mint.   The MintDirect program had already started successfully with the 25ozt tubes of Canadian Mint "Wolf" silver coins.

One of the many  important issues when you are buying and selling precious metals (PM) is authenticity and quality.  Trust is critical, esp. in a time when more and more counterfeit PM is surfacing.  The trust that typically comes with allocated assayed PM bars audited and secured in vaults is hard to duplicate in small retail markets.  Allocated physical bars are typically never relocated from a vault, but often change ownership or are "leased".

APMEX has always been a trusted source for us in the past.  The APMEX MintDirect program, in our opinion, offers a method to acquire (and later sell) smaller amounts of physical gold and silver as packaged, received, and sealed directly from government mints.   If you have ever purchased "Monster Boxes" of minted bullion coins, you probably kept them in the sealed Mint Case.   Now the The extra step that AMEX had already offered for Canadian Mint coins and now U.S. Mint gold and silver bullion adds a level of trust for physical buys and traders not typically available from any other dealers at these quantities.  This is a huge differentiator for AMPEX in our opinion.

On November 11, 2011 David McCarty, director of Marketing for APMEX announced:

We are excited to announce the release of MintDirect 2010 Gold and Silver American Eagles. This is your opportunity to purchase these exclusively certified and sealed tubes of some of the most popular coins ever minted. 
MintDirect is a patent pending, special sealing process created by APMEX to ensure that your coins are in the same condition and mint containers as originally packaged. Each tube is sealed as soon as it's removed from the mint box, then inspected for quality and given an APMEX seal of certification. The APMEX MintDirect seal is a symbol of our guarantee that these coins are in the same pristine condition as when they were shipped to our vaults.
Buy MintDirect 2010 Silver American Eagle Coins (20 coins per tube) 
Buy MintDirect 2010 Gold American Eagle Coins (20 coins per tube) 
Don't miss this opportunity to purchase your own MintDirect Gold and Silver American Eagles today while supplies last! Visit to learn more about the APMEX MintDirect process.

David McCarty
Director of Marketing, 
American Precious Metals Exchange

APMEX is one of the top bullion dealers that we consistently recommend for your PM acquisition consideration.  APMEX lower premiums and high levels of customer service have been consistent over the years and have allowed them to grow into one of the premier PM distributors in the world.


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