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Morning Gold & Silver Report – 2/25/2011 APMEX

by Timothy Oakes February 25, 2011
At 8:04 AM (CT) the APMEX precious metals prices were:
  • Gold price - $1,409.20
  • Silver price - $33.02
  • Platinum price - $1,793.10
  • Palladium price - $786.60
COMMENTARY: The stock market seems to be on the move with oil starting to stabilize over news from Libya that Moammar Gadhafi’s grip is slipping, especially in the oil-rich eastern region. The domestic economic news revolves around a revision to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the 4th quarter that actually downgraded the GDP from 3.2 originally to 2.8. This report confirms the Federal Reserve’s concerns over growth being tied so heavily to unemployment. This report is easing inflation concerns, as the Federal Reserve will look to continue with their QE2 plans and try and keep interest rates lower.
Gold spot price is down $7.60 – Silver price is down 25 cents – Platinum spot price is up $5.30 – Palladium price is up $6.90