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SILVER ARMS - Your ACTION requested! - An appeal from Bix Weir

I'm making it my mission for the next 30 days to MAKE SURE that EVERY silver investor that has ever been ABUSED by the Silver Market Riggers post a comment on the  CFTC website regarding Position Limits.
In the last 24 hours we've gone from 80 comments to over 600!
We need to FLOOD the CFTC with our comments.
PLEASE take a moment to submit your comment. Here's something you can copy and paste:
"Fair and appropriate position limits in silver should be NO MORE than 1,500 contracts or 7.5M ounces. The current proposed limit of over 5,000 contracts WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF MANIPULATION IN SILVER! The 1,500 contract limit is the correct amount and is STILL greater than any other current concentration in physical commodities traded on the COMEX."
And here is the link to the form:
It will take less than a minute and it WILL make a HUGE difference. The CFTC WANTS to implement the 1,500 contract limit BUT they can only do it with the support of WE THE PEOPLE!
One more thing...
I have heard that a few of the bigger "mainstream silver analysts" commented that it won't make a difference and the COMEX will stay rigged forever so why bother.
This is just one of many battles going on behind the scenes so PLEASE join the cause.
Right now it's just Ted Butler and myself blowing this horn. I ask everyone to enlist the help of their favorite silver Guru, youtube sensation, economic newsletter writer, conspiracy name it. Ask them to join us in this campaign. Send them this article and beg them to spread the word to their followers.
Next week I will start targeting specific people with a global audience like Max Keiser and Alex Jones who both want to take care of this little silver manipulation issue ASAP...
How about this slogan...
You get the idea...if we go into the March 28th Position Limit Meeting with 1,000's of comments all demanding position limits in silver of 1,500 contracts there is NO WAY they could turn us away.
So go out there and spread the word!
and THANK YOU for supporting the cause.
Bix Weir