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German Bundesbank’s “Incredible Gold Scandal” (EWG, GLD, IAU, SGOL, PHYS)

CDU foreign policy expert Philip Missfelder (left) and Ralf Schuler BILD reporters in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In New York store tons of German gold
Photo: Tobias Everke, Ormon GIGLI / laif

Article by Ralph Schuler

New York - It is the most precious treasure we have Germans: 3401 tons of pure gold - € 1,800 for each. Absolute crisis-proof, divided into high-security vaults in Frankfurt, Paris, London and New York! And the Bundesbank does not care!
The incredible gold scandal! On 19 November 2011 IMAGE reported that the German Central Bank for the last time in 2007 cast a look at our gold holdings in New York, and even alert the Federal Court of Auditors (verification is ongoing).
A clear breach of the law, says top Bilanzrechtler Prof. Jörg Baetge told BILD: "At least every three years to control counts the bars are made." It has not done the Bundesbank.
A sloppy with tangible consequences: In the annual balance sheet of the Federal Bank's gold reserves (current value is around 147 billion euros) from a "significant" (Baetge) items of more than 17%: So, are the Bundesbank's balance sheets in recent years wrong?
Alarmed by the BILD report, it asked the CDU member of parliament and foreign policy expert Philip Missfelder accurate. On the edge of talks at the UN in New York wants to control the Mißfelder stored there parts of the German gold reserves at the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).
According to the report he requested from IMAGE-Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann , the list of gold bullion. Missfelder told BILD: "I was shocked. First they said that there was no list. Then there were lists that are secret. Then I was told, demands endanger the trust between alliance bank and the Fed. "
Experiences as the Federal Bank of the IMAGE-searches on the German state gold, communications chief Michael Best is even trying to obstruct the visit of representatives and report to Bild: "Against this background, I ask for understanding that the Bundesbank your visit concerns (...) not supported. "
What does the Bundesbank hide?
PICTURE site. Number 33 Liberty Street, downtown Manhattan. It is five stories deep. "E-level" of bare floor, humming ventilation, massive steel doors. And 7,000 tons of gold ! More than the legendary Fort Knox. It is the largest gold depository in the world.
But where is the German gold?
Jack Gutt of the staff of the Fed's vice president: "It is in some of these 122 steel lattice sections. More must say I do not. "
How many bars? All secret. No photos!
Just this: The German gold lies in some of the lattice-chambers here in New York's vault. IMAGE want to see it: Not a chance! Shown it only gets the Bundesbank. This site visit would have been your job, Mr Federal Bank CEO!
How to recognize the German gold?
Jack Gutt told Bild: "There are lists of all the bars. Each bar has a number stamped on the purity of gold and a seal. "The German gold stocks can therefore be counted according to the law. In the Bundestag, pressure is growing:
Missfelder told Bild: "It may be that is the gold assets of the German apparently violate any applicable accounting law. This is a case for Parliament. I call for a clear view. "

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