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FT - Speculators polish up the price of silver

According to the FT:
...Indeed, there are symptoms of spreading silver fever. Sales of silver coins are set to hit a record high this year, while investors have snapped up more than 1,500 tonnes of silver through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the past two months alone. That is more than 5 per cent of total annual silver supplies.

David Madge, director of bullion sales at the Royal Canadian Mint, says it has already sold in excess of 30 per cent more of its popular silver Maple Leaf coin than last year’s record 10m ounces. The US Mint has sold 27.5m ounces of silver American Eagles so far this year – already within reach of last year’s record 28.8m ounces with the busy Christmas period still to come...

The U.S. Mint has sold about 27.5m ounces to date. See US Mint Sales: HERE 

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