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Has Gold Peaked - Is it Time to Sell Your Physical Holdings

Questions from the Gold Forecaster:


· Has uncertainty and instability changed leaving us confident and certain of a stable future?

· Have the nations agreed a sound, effective, currency system that caters for local national problems on the Balance of Payments front?

· Have they agreed systems that effectively enforce this system, so that it is in national interests to subject themselves to that system?

· Has the global economy in all its major parts returned to real growth where economic imbalances are removed?

· Are we certain that the Sovereign Debt crises are over?

· Do we expect the shift in world wealth and power to Asia to be smooth and trouble free?

· Have the votes at the I.M.F. been changed to fully accommodate India and China’s proportion of economic power or will the U.S. remain in charge irrespective of such changes??

· Have central banks turned away from gold confident and fully reliant on global currencies.


If your answers are ‘yes’ to these then it is time to sell your gold. 

The GoldForeCaster

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