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Asset Analysts Give KitCo Forecasts on PM Prices

KITCO Recently Interviewed a Number of PM Asset Analysts on Gold and Silver.  Here is a summary of what they had to say:

John Nadler, Sr. Analyst with KITCO (and long time perma-bear)
- Many drivers ("excuses") for increased gold prices in the volatile global economy
- A price correction could play out next year.
- Because gold and silver have experienced some of the largest gains so far, as some analysts are calling a parabolic price increase, they are likely to get hit the hardest in a correction. Potentially as large as a 40-80% correction downward.

11/10/10 Nicolas Brooks, Head of Research and Investment Strategies for ETF Securities
- G20 and monetary policy critical for gold price. (i.e. unconstrained FED easing and debasement)
- As long as currency wars and sovereign risk continues physical gold will be in favor as a play to put money
- Many investors have not yet participated in the gold rally and are waiting for a correction to get in.
- Because many large investors are waiting to get in any correction will be short lived

11/9/10 Greg Marshall, CEO of Global Asset Management.
- Gold prices still have a long way to go.
- Gold could reach 1500/oz before the end of the year.
- "Poor Man's Gold" a.k.a. silver prices will increase as gold becomes psychologically expensive up to $50 by year end.
-Silver has a greater percentage potential increase than gold.

For full coverage and to listen to the full interviews, visit KITCO News.

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