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When to Sell Gold - Casey Research

Full article on Casey Research: HERE. 

ZH "guest post" by Tony Coxon suggests when to sell gold.

Tony suggests to look for these signals:
  • Gold and gold-related financial products will be commonplace.
  • Gold going mainstream will be a sign that the bull market may be over. 
  • You'll be hearing a lot of chatter (amongst common sheople circles) about gold investing. 
  • The gold standard will become respectable. 
  • Other things will look cheap to you.

... and for long term holders of gold (5-10 years or more) I will add a just few more criteria to Tony's list:

  • Gold price resistance is seen at $10,000 (use this rule only if milk is under $75/gal).
  • All your teeth fall out from increased chem-trail activity.
  • Flocks of CANARIES follow you everywhere .
  • Robert Zoellick has dinner at your house.
  • Ron Paul is appointed by President Schwarzenegger to head the FED Board of Governors
If your holding gold for the long term and you experience 2 or more of these, then SELL BY Date is long past.


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