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Radioactive Fallout in US. More likely than your being told?



KI4U, Inc. has been written up in ...
NYTimes (6/13/02), Wall Street Journal (3/14/03 & 10/5/01), USAToday (6/11/02 & 7/11/02),Washington Post (4/13/03 & 3/16/03), Boston Globe (8/13/05), SF Chronicle (6/23/02), Newsday (11/24/01),WND (1/18/05), IEEE Spectrum (9/01), Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (5/04), National Defense Mag (3/04).And, our products seen on CNN, FOX, CBS, TIME mag with radio interviews on 'Coast to Coast', NPR, Glenn Beck and numerous others, also Glenn Beck's CNN TV Show (10/2006)

Worst case after a complete melt down or steam explosion scenario :

Japan Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Fallout Map

Wind direction JAPAN


Effects of fallout and exposure to various levels of radioactivity:


Thriving metropolis or ghost town? Crisis transforms Tokyo - Reuters


Dr. Blaylock on preparing for Ill Winds from Japan (ibid)