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Demand for Silver Libertad Increases in Mexico


Ounce silver Libertad
silver ounce Libertad

Today in this blog I bring you a story as good as exclusive : the demand for silver ounce Libertad, exploded in Mexico since the collapse induced price monetary precious metals, which began as such the 12th of this month.

Domestic savers are awakening from a long sleep well, prompting in 2012, it had a sharp drop in demand for these coins,as we reported in January.

After this "break" last year, Mexican investors are returning not to liquidate ounces, but to buy all they can.

And according to data provided by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) to this reporter, through official OFI006-8614 , only cut on Wednesday April 23, they were already sold more than 174,000 ounces this month.

In other words, in just 23 days were sold in the first three months of the year together , and most likely the majority of sales occurred during the last two weeks.
In January, February and March, the total of these coins put into circulation was 46,714, 82.634 and 44.063, respectively.

Why sell like hotcakes? Well, input silver Libertad coins are prices not seen since 2010, about 350 pesos each to date. A 40 percent cheaper than just two years ago in late April 2011, when they played their record over 610 pesos.

Most of the banks offer their customers, but I suggest you compare prices before buying.

The most important thing is to understand that the main reason that this demand has been fired, is that gold and silver are the ultimate safe havens, real money,which has been offering half of the economic crisis that is far from over in the world.

It's as if someone had put a lifeguard present sinking ship.

It is gratifying that Mexico is not the exception to the rule, as in other parts of the planet is also experiencing this fever for physical precious metals.

In the U.S., the Mint (U.S. Mint) had to cancel this week selling their coins tenth ounce of gold, then sold their stock. To date sales accumulated 203 000 500 ounces of gold, rather than the previous two months together and that total January.

In a previous post, figured out how the World Gold Council (WGC, for its acronym in English), described as a "massive wave" the appetite of investors for monetary precious metals. Also how in China and India, the main consumers internationally, there are reports of high premiums, that is, cost overruns, that people are willing to pay just to get coins or bullion, on the other hand, are scarce in Dubai .

These signals contrast with the massive sales of gold and paper silver futures market , which are responsible for having thrown overboard prices.

To put it very clear, we must insist that these sharp falls behind, there are powerful financial interests led by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed), which have always had a special interest in maintaining depressed gold prices.

The reason is simple. This is the thermometer tells us without error, how bad are things in the economy, particularly in the global financial system. Their quality universal money, plus his "sin" of not being able to be reproduced at will by governments, make it public enemy number one of his corrupt fiat currency(dollars, euros, pounds, etc..).

So the ideal tool are derived, "gold" and "silver" paper that can be created even without limits, of course, provided that the holders do not demand physical delivery of their treasure, because there is no metal to reach for everyone. A fraud.

In this sense, every attack as witnessed in mid-month, there is evidence of massive sales coordinated actions of these papers to influence or manipulate, lacotizaci√≥n of these precious metals down . The rest is technically responsibletraders , robots and algorithms, which magnify the negative effects to play critical levels.

The bad news for handlers is that you can create all the metal paper they want to sell, but the actual stocks are limited and people are going for them. The increased physical demand data speak for themselves, as well as the collapse losinventarios like never before existing in the COMEX ( Commodity Exchange ).This blog also notice this on April 12.

What happens when that gold holders want paper delivered to them physically?

That's right, someone would be wrong. It is not difficult to foresee that arrived that day, those affected will be settled with paper money under clauses "force majeure". The market, in the end, always prevails. So the rally of gold and silver, after this correction artificially accelerated, continue in this decade to unknown limits .

Every day more people know this reality and as in the game of musical chairs, the better you are taking their gold and silver at home, before the end of the music along with the fun, and no place to stay, with empty hands.

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