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Ben, before you leave, can you buy some of these bad student loans piling up?

With the Fed announcement to acquire $40 billion in MBS debt held by the largest banks per month ad infinitum and beyond (bailing out the banksters, re-inflating the housing bubble and moving on to the Fed's balance sheet??), the non-forgivable student loan debt kicks into high gear:  With billions in loan defaults set to register on the books  early next year, could this be the next trigger for yet another 2008?   

OR ... Will the FED buy all the bad student loan debt from the banksters next?  Is there no end to the extraction of any and all wealth from America? 

"There's more where that came from"

It's nice to have an open ended check book with an unlimited balance.  The problem of course is that for every dollar the Fed prints the existing money supply is debased further.   

It's a race to the bottom.  Got TP, bacon and coffee?

"Com'on dear, lets buy some coffee"

Look at student loan debt in the center of the Debt Clock - heading to 1 Trillion (by most estimates it's well over that). 

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